"The Litho plugin was not found [...]"

Hi !

I am starting with Litho and I am having troubles with playing the Demo scene. When I click the Play button I instantly have an error mentionning “The Litho plugin was not found […]” as shown in the image below :

But as you can see the specified folders can be found in the Packages/Litho Beta SDK/Core/Plugin folder.

The demo still works fine with the mouse after this but I can’t connect a litho device.

I tried many times in different Unity versions (2019.1.14f1 and 2019.1.6f1), and followed each time all the step from the “set up your litho project” guide but I still get the same error anyway.

Thanks for your help !

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Hi Benjamin,

This is happening because you’re developing on Windows - at the moment, we don’t support Bluetooth connections from the Unity Editor on Windows, only on macOS. Windows Bluetooth support will be added in a future release of the SDK.

There’s some more discussion of this over on this thread: https://developer.litho.cc/t/windows-desktop-support-roadmap/123 . Feel free to follow/post on that thread - we will update there when we have something ready to test.

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Thanks for your answer !

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This error has been fixed in the new SDK releases - v0.4.3 fixes the issue and v0.4.4 adds alpha-quality windows support!