Turning Litho on

So here’s silly questions. How do I turn it on? I’ve read all the docs on GitHub but didn’t find any info? It turned on when I charged it but then turned off on unplugging.

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Hi Chambino,

Thanks for reaching out - we are continually updating our FAQs, so we’ll be sure to add this.

Litho is always on standby mode (if it is charged), so you don’t need to manually turn it on.

After charging, try connecting to Litho using the Unity Editor or any app that you’ve built using Litho, or the Litho Companion App - you should see it is available for connection. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your device :slight_smile:

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@lewis thanks for this info. Another thing to add to the FAQ would what the lights mean. I had it charging for an hour-ish then the three lights went solid, so I thought it had finished charging. Is that a correct assumption? But since it doesn’t get discovered I imagine it didn’t finish charging.

Another FAQ, is there a way to check battery status when in standby mode?

I’m able to get it connected to the companion app fine as long it’s plugged to a the USB port. Can you not update the firmware when it’s connected to power? Because the app doesn’t do anything after I press the download button next to 1.0.6 version, it comes up with the ‘Choose firmware version’ but tapping on the 1.0.6 option doesn’t seem to do anything. And the ‘Update Firmware’ button is greyed out. So any troubleshooting for this?

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Your assumption is correct - whilst charging, Litho will show an animated LED sequence; once it is fully charged, all LEDs will be on. When not on charge, no LEDs will be on, regardless of whether you are connected to Litho (this extends battery life). We will add this to the documentation.

Right now, there is no way to check battery level of your Litho whilst in standby mode (although you can check whether it is full by plugging it in and checking the charge indicator). Thanks again for more great feedback - I have opened a feature request with our firmware team to have this added in a future update.

As for the Litho Companion App - if the ‘Update Firmware’ button is greyed out, this means the firmware on your Litho is up-to-date, so there’s no need for you to perform an update. :slight_smile:
You should be able to connect to Litho regardless of whether it is on charge.

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@lewis thanks again for the informative answer. I still can’t get it to connect to companion app without it plugged in.

I left it charging again for about an hour; it started from lowest level even though it was said to be fully charged with three solid lights. Again I let it charge until it had three solid lights on. But after disconnecting from the USB it disconnects from app and stops vibrating when I tap the touch pad and doesn’t get discovered. And after plugging it in, it went back to lowest level and the three lights animated. I’m connected to a PC’s USB port if that helps.

Anything I can try rather than wait for it to be fully charged again?

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@Chambino that could potentially be a hardware fault. Will send out a replacement device first thing tomorrow. Am really sorry for the inconvenience.


@nat thanks for taking care of this.

Hello all.
I am having a similar issue.

Here are the four states and what I experience.

  1. Litho is not on power. I plugin the cable. 1 LED light blinks 4-5 times. Then all 3 LEDs become solid.

  2. When on power the 3 LEDs stay solid.

  3. I can connect with companion app. The Litho shows in the list. I select from the list and the LEDs go off. I see the below information.
    LITHO A48A
    Battery Level 100%
    Firmware version 1.0.8
    Button says [Up To Date] greyed out

  4. I wait for 2-3 hours. Then I take out from the power and the LEDs go off. And it does not show up in the list of the companion app any more.

Meaning I cannot connect to it when not on power.

Can you help out? :slight_smile:

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Incredibly sorry to hear this Doruk. Sounds like this might be the same issue. If you send your address and phone number to support@litho.cc we will send out a replacement device by express DHL today.

Hi @nat thanks for the prompt reply and help. The email is on its way.

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Thanks a lot for being so understanding Doruk.