Problems loading LITHO demo in Unity Editor

I’ve recently received a LITHO device and finally wanted to try it out. Unfortunately, I’m unable to try out the demo. I’ve installed Unity 2019.3.0f5 and followed the instructions here:

When adding the LithoShowcase scene I get a bunch of errors:

Any idea what might cause this?

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Hi Sophie,

Sorry to hear about your difficulties gettings set up.

The first thing to check would be did you drag the “litho-beta-2019-12-16-v0-6-0 5” folder into your Unity project ‘Packages’ folder using Windows Explorer?

If that’s not the issue can you send a screenshot of your Project Window? And let me know what version of Windows you are on?

Thanks a lot

I can not get drag my litho file to my unity packages. I have bern hours at it. I tried copy and paste but litho did not show anywhere in my unity. Help.

I can help you. I’ll send you an email in a moment. Maya :slight_smile:

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Now my problems have shifted. Basically i have
gotten my LITHO to connect to Unity. It is linked, sort but the connect tab is not there and i can not get it to do anything but turn on.

I have sent you an email, let’s talk there :slight_smile: