Litho HID firmware release / Litho mouse input

This weekend we tested some new HID firmware which we will aim to release at the end of the month.

A few Litho creators on here have talked about Litho-hid ideas recently. It works remarkably well for controlling your phone using assistive touch in iOS, as in this video.

Would be great to know what other use cases some of you would be interested in creating with HID support. Please do share your thoughts :slight_smile:!


This looks awesome, are able to upgrade our Litho to test it?

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Thanks Ahmad! Needs a bit of work still, but will make available through the companion app in the next couple of weeks.

Back to check on the development progress of this! Any ETA for a firmware update?

I was checking the above video, I think that should consider using gesture/swipe control more to enhance the usability of your hardware.

One that stands out from the video, return back to the previous screen. Currently, you have to travel from your current position on the screen to hit that small narrow text on the top left screen corner to go back, where a simple swape or left gesture will do the trick with min effort.

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Thanks for the feedback Ahmad. Not sure if we are going to release this on the companion app any more as we feel it distracts a little from the core product. However, will email you instructions on how to install the alpha firmware manually now.

Hello Nat. I know it as old thread but we are looking on it for our aims in trying Litho. Is it possible to have access on instructions?

Hi Paulo,

Just emailed you with the HID firmware file and instructions. Best of luck!


Hi Nat, I would also love to do a testrun with the hid-firmware. Is it possible to also have access on instructions?

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Hi Johan,

The HID firmware is a little rough. Have attached the alpha version as a zip.

To install:

  • Visit this webpage in Chrome
  • Drag in the firmware zip (175.7 KB)
  • Pick your Litho
  • It’ll reboot it in to update mode
  • Pick it again (now called “DfuTarg”)
  • Finally, it shows two progress bars.

Here’s a video of the process.

You can use the Litho Companion App to revert back to the default firmware.

Below is a diagram of the trackpad segmentation on this firmware. Using this firmware won’t let you make use of the haptics or IMU.


Let me know how you get on!

Best wishes

Awesome! Writing firmware right now. Going to experiment with it :slight_smile:

First results Windows 10:

  • Very sensitive! Touching (& thus vibrate) moves the cursor. Going to do some sensitivity tweaking.
  • Trackpad up/down left-right is reversed. ‘buttons’ are at correct positions. Don’t know how to fix this.

Will continue on mobile device, will also try ubuntu/mint.