Litho City Builder

Hey i’m felix, design lead at litho.

Here’s an update on a city builder app that I’m currently making with Litho. This app includes a menu structure and object spawner. You can multiply buildings and roads to build a complete city. Up next will be driving cars and possibly planes with an airport.

Check it out - would love to hear what you think!


Hey this is really cool! You should add a plane which you can fly in your utopia with the controller.


Thanks! Indeed, the idea is to create a drawing tool to guide the planes in mid-air so they can fly around your head :slight_smile:


This is so awesome @felix


Hi all,
Here is the latest update on City Builder:

Feedback is always welcome and feel free to ask away if you have any questions!


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Hi Felix, this is awesome. Well done! Is there any chance that you could share the code? Cheers


Hi Theo,

Thank you! Which elements of Litho City are you interested in?

I guess the radial menu and the panels that contain the buildings. I think they can be bundled up in something like LITHO UI components?

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Hi Knightcube,

This is definitely in our pipeline, unfortunately, Litho City was developed at the same time as the SDK and is not quite compatible with our current SDK. Therefore it will be problematic to integrate into your scene.

I’m glad you like the menu structure, it was definably created with various spatial applications in mind. I’m happy to answer any of your questions on how to make a similar UI framework.