Litho as HID mouse

So, I am researcher in the world of accessibility, an looking for the possibility of opening the APIs for litho to start sending HID signals to iPhone/ipad or using as navtive mouse controller for PC/windows?


Hi. I think that it’s better to use another type of device in order to do that. I work with Wearable Technologies and they have a product called Mudra that registers hand movement activity and you can use it as a pointer and detects different gesture recognition. I think it’s better for research.
Litho is amazing, but, honestly, another kind of device may be better for that kind of interaction.
Hope it helps and LITHO people don’t kill me… LOL Just kidding.


Hi @ahm23ad ,

Thanks for the suggestion. It is something several people have mentioned to us, however, think we are very much on the same page as @Javier on this. The Litho hardware was not designed to work as a wearable mouse, and there are better options out there for this (Mura, TapStrap. Mycestro).

Having said that we do eventually want to offer HID support in firmware as it makes some use cases much easier to develop for. Feel confident this is something will have out by end of Q1 2020.



Thank you both for your responses. Looking forward for Litho to support HID.


I’m also finding some interesting HID use-cases while experimenting with Litho app development


For your HID use cases would you prefer the cursor to be controlled by the IMU or by the trackpad? We have got a rough firmware working with the trackpad which is sort of compelling, but still a bit off being shippable (video Would be interested to hear as much as possible about how people hope to use HID so we can best focus our development efforts. Thanks!

Being selfish, I would say using IMU. I think the great potential for Litho for field of work (Accessibility) is to attach it any body part an individual with disability can use or have some level of control over it.


Adding to this thread after watching the demo for using Litho as mouse to control iPhone/Android screen, and to your question using IMU or trackpad? Why not both at the same time! In my mind if a user holding the Litho vertically (as shown in video) trackpad will be activated, once the user flipped Litho he/she activate IMU to control the mouse on screen. Just a thought!