First impression: Hard coded Litho origin position

Litho works, I’ve started developing, all is good :slight_smile: So here is an observation and constructive critique about the base origin position of the Litho in Unity:

Currently the Litho.cs script line 626 writes:
transform.position = _camera.transform.TransformPoint(new Vector3(Handedness == Handedness.Right ? 0.5f : -0.5f, -1f));

This suggests an anchor position 1 meter beneath the phone and half a meter to left or right. Might look good, but unlikely that anyone has their Litho at that location relative to the phone. I suspect in many cases, a user might point the Litho towards the phone fx. x: 0.1f, y: -0.1f z: -0.25f or in my case I’d actually want the hand and Litho to be in front of the phone camera fx. x: 0.1f, y: -0.1f z: 0.25f

I’d like to suggest making the x-offset a public variable and everything else be relative to the current Litho position in the Unity editor, so in my case I would place the Litho object at x: 0.0f, y: -0.1f z: 0.25f and in the Litho public field, set the x-offset = 0.1f

An extra suggestion would be to integrate into the Litho UI, different origin positions: Front, waist, behind to allow for different comfort levels and to get developers started taking origin into account.

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Hi Nikolaj,

Thanks a lot for the feedback. Completely understand the problem.

The origin position is not a public variable as it is something some of our tracking assumptions are built around. As our tracking improves in future we expect this position to become of diminishing importance. However, in the meantime, I agree that allowing the offset to be tuned (within a certain range) in the UI could be really useful. We’ll consider adding this to the next release.