Feedback on the installation process

Hey everyone,

Just a quick personal feedback post! I dislike that the project setup scripts automatically execute project setting changes and package updates in our projects. I understand the goal of making the process easy, but believe things like these should be made optional. Since your setup instructions already direct us to use the menu items, I’d consider removing the “update project settings on load” from your setup script to avoid surprising your users.

I’m trying to hack various packages together which takes a bit of manual json manipulation so I probably don’t represent a common case. I thought I’d report my 2 cents anyway. I now have to hack away at your project setup scripts in addition to the dependencies in the package json and it took me by suprise.

Can’t wait to add Litho support to my projects and start waving my hands wildly!


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Thanks for the feedback Eero!

You’re correct in that we were primarily looking to streamline the setup process as much as possible for the most common use case, and you’re also correct in that this must be a bit annoying for your use case. Could you give us a bit more detail on what the precise issue is?

:question: - What exactly in the automatic setup is clashing? I.e. is it the project settings, package versions, or something else?

I’ve set up an issue tracker for this, and we’ll aim to get this fixed for one of the upcoming package updates :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing what you’re putting together! (Feel free to post videos in the Made With Litho section of the forum, or tag us if you post online)

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