Documentation not found (link broken?)

is this link broken:
tried it in serveral browsers

my network ist working :wink:
and i am logged in!

thanks alex

Hi Alex,

Sorry about this! Looks like our CI server isn’t generating the documentation correctly, so when we merged some internal work, it deployed a broken copy of the docs. I’ve re-uploaded the docs from my development machine and disabled auto-deployment, so the documentation should now be available.


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Thanks Charlie.

BTW: If Lith would be my company i would also
sell this product as presenter. Similar to the LOGITECH SPOTLIGHT.
Because you interface is really cool and would be a great business -
i think much greater then the AR World (at the moment).

From the Softwarepoint > it is running now quite fine in Unity and Android.
I would change the “calibration” in a similar way like with the “DayDream” or
“OculusGO” Controller. Would enhance the usability a lot.

Best wishes,


PS We (university in austria) working a lot in the field of interfaces, museums and
usability. And your interface is really one of the most innovative interfaces
i have seen the last year.

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Thanks a lot Nischi,

Think our hardware could work well as a presentation tool, but we are most excited about the future of AR interactions and are trying to keep our development focussed around that for the moment.

Agree that our current calibration process is far from perfect. Stay tuned should have some improvements soon.